Knocknagoney: where the honey runneth over

For some inexplicable reason I left London early this morning, and predictions of 28 degree heat, to head to Northern Ireland which was experiencing flash floods and immoveable grey skies.  It has been pointed out by several people today that my footwear was more suited to the climate of my departure city.

I’m here filming the story of a church in Knocknagoney on the outskirts of Belfast where there have been amazing changes in the last couple of years.  I’ll save it up for the film, but I did just want to share my favourite story of the day which is about bees.

Someone in the church decided it would be great to set up some beehives on the church grounds and produce some honey.  Which is of course known as Goney Honey (both pronounced to rhyme with bunny).

At the same time the church had set up a weekly prayer meeting and one of things they started doing there was praying blessing over the local community – over marriages, families, schools, businesses, anything they thought was good really.  One enterprising pray-er decided one day to go over to the hives and pray blessing over the bees.

When the beekeeper found out he declared it the stupidest thing they could have done.  Besides being a little ridiculous and pointless, it had also been dangerous.

But then several months went by and he was tearing his hair out because the honey production of the hives had gone through the roof and could barely be contained in the hives anymore.  He requested that the prayers stop.

What a weird story. It made me smile.

NB There are also stories about answered prayer that relate to humans. But another day.